Fans Section

Hey Everyone,

As RHK mentioned, it is the support of you, the fans, that helps to keep us going on this project. The more people we see interested, the more WE want to see the project completed.

Over the years The 13th Doll project has had a lot of supporters. They have been with us through thick and thin, through good times and in bad. Heck, they’ve even helped to hold Stauf off our backs at a cost to their own sanity!

As a thank you to our dedicated supporters and fans, we have put up a “fans” section displaying the artwork, music and videos that forum members and others have submitted to us in order to keep our imaginations inspired and to encourage us to keep moving forward.

Keep in mind, that while these are not officially associated with the project, we like to think of those who have supported us over the years as honorary team members so, they deserve to have their work displayed as much as this project deserves to be completed.

Thank you again for all of your support!