Game Development

FAQs about game details/development.

How Big of a Download Will it Be?

Being that the original T7G was on 2 CDs and T11H was on 4 CDs, players can probably expect a large file to download. Most modern games have gigabytes of data, in order to contain all of the art, music, video and programming to make for an immersive gaming experience. Being that this is what we are shooting for, you can expect game file sizes to match that quality.

The current build is around 1.7GB to give everyone an idea but, this is without the live video and not the completed game.

What characters will be returning?

There will be a two characters returning from the original The 7th Guest game. The first returning character will be Tad, the young boy who was trapped in the house, now grown up. The story largely revolves around him.

The second returning character will, of course, be the man himself, Henry Stauf. Mr. Stauf was very eager to be part of the project, after all, what would it be without him?

There are also going to be several new characters, including an additional major character and of course the house has been fully renovated especially for Mr. Stauf and for you. He is eagerly awaiting your visit…

What music quality can be expected?

We are striving to produce music that mimics the original style and feel from the original game. Judging from the pieces we have already completed, it is fantastic. Check the music page for some samples!

What quality in game art can be expected?

Players can expect graphical quality at least as high as The 7th Guest but, probably closer to The 11th Hour. When T7G came out, 3D game technology was only starting to become popular and many of the tools had to be hand-created for the game. Now, even better technologies are available to even the average person so, superior quality can be expected.

That being said, we are shooting for the perfect middle ground between modern and nostalgic.

Feel free to check our screenshots page to get an idea of the quality that can be expected in the game.

What will the system requirements for the game be?

A year or two ago we completely changed the engine or framework the game is based upon.  Technically speaking, the current game engine can export the game to multiple platforms all based on the same code!  That is pretty cool.

So, in short the game will be running on both Windows and Mac platforms for sure.  We would estimate that any modern system with a half-way decent graphics card should do.  Basically, if your computer struggles to play a smaller, lower-quality first-person shooter, it will probably struggle with this.  If your system can blow any of the latest games out of the water, it will be MORE than enough.

Lastly, regarding other systems such as Linux and/or mobile devices, we will have to make a determination about them later on.  Linux is probably a more likely candidate, to be honest.


General FAQs

How can you help the project?

You can help us in various ways. We are looking for committed artists, programmers, 3D modelers etc. for assistance with actual game development. If you feel you can help in this area, please visit the forum and let us know!
Secondly, this project is solely for the fans. The more people we can make aware of the project and the more people show interest, the more excited we will be about the project. Simply put, an excited audience makes for excited developers. So, the more people that know about and support the project, the better.

This can be done by promoting us on a blog, tweeting about us on Twitter or by joining our group on Facebook. News can also be spread by word of mouth to friends who appreciate classic computer games, on game development forums and pretty much anywhere interest can be found.

We also appreciate support by posting a thread in our forum. This is where most of the information and activity in regard to game development take place.

Oh, and lastly, if anyone comes across Mr. Stauf, please let him know we are doing our best and that the random eyeballs in our drawers and the talking skulls in our soup really aren’t motivating us to work any faster. In fact, all the screaming and moaning in agony is really distracting…

How much will the game cost?

The completed game will be freely available to download and play.  No money will be exchanging hands in any form during the development and for the full release of the game itself.  Total cost to the player, zip, zero, nada, nothing, zilch, a giant goose egg.  The game will be available for free download, no strings attached.

That being said, if you REALLY appreciate The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour you could head over to Trilobyte’s Site and see what they are cooking up.  We are sure that there are some ways to help them out with funding the official T7G3!

We are pleased to say that we have entered into an official license agreement with Trilobyte Games LLC, the current license holder for both The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour properties.

We are eternally grateful to Rob Landeros and his staff for granting us this license and the opportunity for our game to be produced. Rob has always been supportive of our project over the years and has really come through for us on this.

What about “The Collector”, isn’t that the actual T7G3?

Trilobyte, Inc. did have a game called “The Collector” in the works which looked extremely promising but, was never completed.

Since Trilobyte has re-formed they are currently working on the official sequel to The 7th Guest and has decided to stick with the name “The Collector”.  So yes, that is, in fact, the official T7G3 and you can help Trilobyte to get it going by visiting Trilobyte’s Website.

That being said, our project is still going forward and is a completely fan-based, non-affiliated sequel which is based on The 7th Guest by Trilobyte, Inc.  We have their permission to continue so, pending any changes in that regard, we are still moving forward.

When is the scheduled release date? Are there plans for a beta or demo release?

Everyone here at the 13th Doll is working on a volunteer basis. We all have jobs, school, family and other commitments that take precedence in our lives. We have made great progress on the game so far, but, we cannot put a time frame on a release. If you would like to see the game out sooner, please visit the forums and offer your moral support and/or 3D modeling/game programming experience to help us.

At the current stage of development, there is no official beta or demo planned. That being said, when the game is closer to completion we may consider some kind of demo for game websites and bloggers. This is not a definite though.

Who Are We?

We are a group of dedicated fans who truly love and appreciate the amazing work of Trilobyte on The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. We are striving to make a game that will live up to its original predecessors and will re-kindle the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

We grew up with these games and fell in love with them, their devious puzzles, and their twisted “host”.

We are not part of Trilobyte Games LLC and this is not an official sequel, but, they were nice enough to give us their permission to produce our game.

Why a The 7th Guest Sequel?

In 1993, Trilobyte Games released The 7th Guest, a massively successful adventure game. The game was a technological landmark, a visual masterpiece, and a work of storytelling genius. With its followup, The 11th Hour, millions of units were shifted worldwide.

However, Trilobyte folded and the proposed third game, “The Collector” was never produced.

Since then, Trilobyte Games LLC has  re-formed, under creative head Rob Landeros and they are working on getting an official T7G3 off the ground!  We can’t wait to see what happens!

That being said, it is our goal to bring forth what will hopefully be a worthy sequel to the masterpieces that were The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. We grew up with the games and were inspired by their stories, technical prowess and immersive natures. We feel that the world deserves to have something more, an addendum to the Stauf history. A game by the fans, for the fans.

Well, that and, let’s just say that Mr. Stauf had a way of “inspiring” us to re-build his intriguing home.