Project Update 7/13/2011

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Hello All,

We just wanted to take some time to cover some of the great developments going on behind the scenes at The 13th Doll.

First, we now have a total of 3 programmers working on several puzzles.  There are currently 9 puzzles that need to be completed, 10 if we decide not to drop one.  Progress on these puzzles is steady and there have been 2 or 3 completed in the past month or so.

Secondly, we have a few new 3D modellers as well and recently posted a couple of ads to see if we can get more.  The infamous kitchen, which has been modeled 3 times thus far, is currently being worked on yet again.  We also have some work going on renovating some of the other rooms in the Stauf Mansion and in a building across town…

Third, we may be approaching the point where we will be in position to start the filming of the FMV scenes in the near future.  While this isn’t a guarantee, we are moving in that direction.  The script has gone through at least 4 revisions in the past few months and we are finally at the point where we are nearly satisfied with it.  Perhaps another 1 or 2 revisions and we should be ready.

So really, we are making some great strides towards completion.  Many of the team members are really excited about the recent progress that has been made and the goal being in sight.  The current builds of the game are looking great, and keep getting better every week or so as more puzzles and renders are added.

It is truly an exciting time for us here and we can’t wait to be able to eventually release this to the Stauf fans of the world.

The 13th Doll - the fan made sequel based on the original computer game The 7th Guest by Trilobyte, Inc.


  1. Deonast

    Can’t wait to see when you have something to show the eager masses. Good to hear about all the work going into the game.

    1. Chris W.

      Thanks for the encouragement. We are working on some of the finer detail work right now, such as game insults and little added animations for the rooms. But, there is some additional modeling being done, and puzzles being programmed. We can’t wait to get this buttoned up so we can present it to everyone.

  2. Patrick Bond

    Hey, this is really exciting! I played the original 2 back in the nineties and loved them. I still have the disks but can’t get them to play on any new computers. So I would love to get a new version! If you need a beta tester you let me know. I pretty good at puzzle games and I have a great appreciation for the series and the genre.


    1. Chris W.

      Thanks Pat. We appreciate your support and if you want to run The 7th Guest or The 11th Hour, check our ScummVM and/or DOSBox. Those emulators might help.

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