Halloween Greetings

  • On October 28, 2011 ·
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Hello My Friends,

It is so good of you to stop by and visit again.  I’m sorry that things look a bit disheveled and that the entrance is currently barred, but, do not be saddened by this.  Renovations are almost complete, thanks to the designers here.

Let’s just say that I have a way of inspiring people.  Call it a gift, a talent, or even a spell.  But, I’ve been cracking the whip of late and things are going exactly according to my plan.

There has been some re-modeling in the crypt, the attic looks like it is taking on a new character and I’ve been designing some delightful puzzles and surprises for all of you.

So, please be patient while my friends here finish the re-model of the house.  I can guarantee you the wait will be worth it.  In fact, I think that you will find that once the house is ready, a visit would be to die for.

I also want to take a moment to mention that my friends over at Trilobyte Games have some exciting things brewing in their cauldron as well.  There is rumor of yet another tour of my delightful home being planned for next year.  There is also talk of a quiz game.  Oh, you know how I adore puzzles!  Please see their Facebook page for more details.

Oh, and please, do take care on this upcoming Halloween.  After all, I wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to you and I do so look forward to seeing you in the future.  If anything were to happen per-maturely, I might find that, upsetting.  You wouldn’t want to upset me now, would you?

Until our next meeting


Henry Stauf

The 13th Doll - the fan made sequel based on the original computer game The 7th Guest by Trilobyte, Inc.