Game Development Update 5/25/2014

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Hello All,

Thanks to our developer James, we now have some information to pass along to the masses!

As of right now, the ENTIRE Stauf Mansion is fully navigable in the game!  In total around 95% of the visual game assets have been built and rendered.

The team also welcomed a new artist sometime in the past year to assist with getting all of the game art set.  This was probably a contributing factor to the majority of the visual layout being completed.

The area that is most lacking right now is in the area of puzzle development and implementation.  There are currently 2 or 3 playable puzzles in the game.  However, there are somewhere between 18-21 puzzles currently planned for the game.

Now, that being said, there is a reason for this.  Our programmers work on a volunteer basis.  This means that when they have projects that help to challenge and expand their programming skills outside of T13D or actually help to put food on the table, those projects will likely and justifiably take precedence over this one.

The best thing anyone can do to push the team forward is to encourage them and, if possible, to find us some more help.  Many hands make light work.

There is currently no information on the finalization of game dialog or any of the full motion video at this point in time.  However, these are going to be the last things on the development list.

Lastly, I have personally set up a reminder in my Google Calendar for the 13th of every month in order to touch base and provide some kind of update.  I have also let our lead developer know this so that he will be able to provide everyone with an accurate development snapshot prior to that date.

That is all for now.  Stay tuned for more in the future.


PS We are on the hunt for a new WordPress theme for the site.  We are shooting for something with Responsive Design, quick and easy social networking links, and an easy-to-manage color scheme.  Obviously spooky is cool if possible and free is a must.  It also must be a theme which gets updated when newer versions of WordPress are released.  Visit us on the Facebook Group or the Forums to offer suggestions!

The 13th Doll - the fan made sequel based on the original computer game The 7th Guest by Trilobyte, Inc.


  1. Robert

    Regarding the use of FMV, you said it’s among the last priorities on your roadmap, yes? Does this mean if time/budget doesn’t permit, it might get cut out?

    Not that it would niggle me all too much if there wasn’t FMV (I’d just be happy to finally have a fan sequel!), but I know some people enjoy Trilobyte’s series mostly because of the novelty effect of FMV. Still, if budget/time constraints won’t permit you to utilise FMV in the 13th Doll—speaking from the perspective of someone who was in the industry from ’83-2000—I understand firsthand that not everything you would like to add will realistically make it into the final version.

    That said, your team is volunteering their time, so there isn’t as much of a push to get the game out (if at all, even). So, hopefully, you’ll take the time you need in order to make the 13th Doll the masterpiece for which it rightly deserves to be known…

    Also, I have two non-sequitur suggestions (both of which are NOT related to development), so I just thought I’d toss them your way:

    1.) To make the fan sequel seem more “personable” and just to let your audience know you’re re-kindling development, might I suggest adding interviews/bios of your team on the website’s respective page?

    I noticed that you said your reasons for not doing so previously were twofold: Some of the team members involvement was “uncertain,” and you didn’t wish to offend anybody by not including them. Also, you mentioned how “It is more important for them to focus on development, than writing up a bio.”

    Regarding the issue of finding time to write up a brief bio, I’m sure that most of your team could find 5 minutes to write up a brief paragraph about themselves, no?

    About the matter of “including everybody,” (if I’m interpreting this correctly) you mean these folks’ level of involvement is limited to an art asset or two, some playtesting, a few lines of code here and there, etc. etc… is this correct? In THAT case, as long as you can still get in touch with them, why don’t you include them, as well? Yes, it’s probably more appropriate to place the more “major” team members near the top of the page. Still, every little bit counts—ESPECIALLY when you’re not being paid to work… right?

    2.) My second suggestion is that—as long as it is legal to even to do so—have you thought about putting up a PayPal/Flattr/Bitcoin/other donation button? Again, I’m not entirely sure on the legality of this (or if Trilobyte’s TOS allows you to do so, either) so this suggestion may be a non-issue, anyway.

    However, I DO know that it’s entirely legal for fan-made games to ask for donations for web hosting and other maintenance fees, but seeing as you use WordPress, I’m guessing you don’t need to worry about that sort of thing.

    Well, anyway, I apologise for the overly lengthy post; I tend to do that more often than I would like (or is appropriate). :-P

    I’m just glad you’re continuing development, as I’m sure YOU are, as well…

    Take care, and I wish your team the best of luck in all your ventures!

  2. Chris

    There was a point in time when not using FMV was discussed in the group. The idea was met with mixed reviews to say the least.

    To the best of my knowledge, we have a strong commitment to keeping the tradition of FMV alive. We are going to be creative in terms of acting and the like, potentially using students at university and things like that.

    Now, regarding your suggestions:

    1. I would have nothing against putting up a short Bio paragraph and a graphic or head shot for core team members on the Team Bios page. However, I would also want to ask our lead designer/developer if he would know of anyone who worked on the project in the past who also deserves to be on the page.

    I will be honest in saying that I don’t know if the team will want to or not but, I will be sure to run it by them. After all, they could just use a graphic for their picture and don’t have to use their full names. In the end, it will be up to them.

    2. Regarding funding and the like, we do have an agreement with Trilobyte that this is strictly a no-cost deal. We are very happy that we have been able to work with Rob Landeros and his team to get that license. Rob has always been supportive of the project.

    In terms of the idea of raising money for server and hosting costs, while I know that we technically, maybe, if we look at the letter of our agreement find a way to interpret it in such a fashion that could work with that. However, I do not believe that our hosting costs are prohibitive overall and I think we’d rather not play with fire, so to speak.

    While something might be legal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is in good taste or right to do on other levels.

    Thank you so much for your support and your ideas! We love hearing feedback and getting to interact with those whom the project is for. Who knows, maybe if our little project gets some attention and buzz, it will drive more people to fund the official T7G3 by Trilobyte, which would be a double win for everyone!

  3. Tenka

    I’m just loving the news that this project is still alive and kicking, even though updates/forum activity seems nil. It’s disappointing to see such a lack of interest in the Official T7G3, hopefully this project will at least provide some additional content to the franchise, and maybe even spark more interest? .. Would’nt that just be poetic? Oh well, keep up the good work!

    1. Chris

      Tenka, we are hoping to change the activity/news level with the project going forward.

      Actually, the whole point of the project when it was started in 2003-2004 was in the hopes of demonstrating that the fans WANTED a 3rd game and to inspire Trilobyte, or its property holders at the time, to embark on its creation.

      In many ways, we are HOPING that our project, once completed, will help to inspire people to take a greater interest in the official game so that it will get funded.


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