Game Development Update 4/13/2015

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Hi Everyone,

It’s time for our April development update.  Things have been really moving along since last month!

As of right now 13 puzzles in the game have been completely coded or adapted to the Unity engine, with 3 more in progress!  That is half of the total planned puzzles completed!

There is currently a lot of focus by the team on the 1st floor of the Stauf mansion.  The models and textures are being massaged a bit, due to some import issues on the latest Unity version.  That process is going well overall in addition to the massive successes on the puzzle coding side.

The latest game build is looking nice overall and the puzzles are pretty darn challenging, if I do say so myself!  Kudos to the development team for their outstanding work!  It is an exciting time seeing all of this coming together!

Our community challenge to hit 666 followers on the Facebook group by April 7th failed but, we will eventually get another screen shot out to everyone.  Our fans and the support they give to us is really the largest reason why things keep moving forward.  We wouldn’t be where we are without them!  That being said, we don’t want to give away too many images either.  After all, what fun is the Stauf mansion without a few surprises?


The 13th Doll - the fan made sequel based on the original computer game The 7th Guest by Trilobyte, Inc.


  1. Robert

    The only reason I bought a 486SX decades ago was to play 7th Guest. I cannot wait to visit the mansion again!

    1. Chris

      We are very excited as well. Although, we think that a 486 might not be enough to gain entrance to the mansion this time. 😀

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