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Unity Game Engine

I’ve been fairly hush hush on game progress on our site, mostly because I didn’t think the news would go over well! Early last fall, we decided to port the game to Unity3d, for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Welcome to the home page of The 13th Doll fan game

The 13th Doll is an upcoming game set in the universe of The 7th Guest series. Our game is an all volunteer effort created by fans of the original games, and is unrelated to the official series by Trilobyte. Stay … Continue reading

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2 Games, 2 Teams, we all win!

There’s been some recent confusion about the status of things with our game recently that I wanted to address. First off, there’s great news that you’ve likely already heard – Trilobyte, the original developers of The 7th Guest and The … Continue reading

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Dining Room Work In Progress

Here’s a shot of the Dining Room – this is a realtime 3d render. James Bateman made it look incredible, then I played with the shadows and lighting to make it a bit darker and gave it a blue tint. … Continue reading

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More info about on yesterday’s announcement

Please check the link for the new project announced yesterday. Click Here to Visit the site for Real Zombie World. Did we get ya? The 13th Doll – the fan made sequel based on the original computer game The 7th … Continue reading

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