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Development Update 10-31-2015

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Great news for 7th Guest Fans!  Trilobyte and DarkStone Entertainment are producing a new Web Series based on The 7th Guest, but more on that later!

Here at The 13th Doll, it’s been a busy couple of months for us!  We’re currently working on finalizing the script, which has taken longer than expected.  It’s the biggest bottleneck for us right now, as all of filming depends on it.  The basic structure is in place, but dialogue and overall story flow is taking time.

Animation and 3d Modeling

Nick, Jared, and Tara are working hard on animations throughout the environment.  They’re making good progress, and things are coming along well.  James is working on Stauf’s WonderWorld ToyStore, which is coming along nicely.  Shane finished Tad’s cell at the asylum, and is continuing work on the rest of the facility.  On that note, Shane just added a beautiful new baby to his family, so congratulations are in order!


We’re tentatively planning to start filming November 13th-16th.  We’ll be doing preliminary test work, and seeing how that fits in the game, then finish filming the first couple weekends in December.  There’s lots to do before then tho, so these dates may have to be pushed into January. Not the best news, but we’d rather get it right than rush things.


I’m glad to announce that there will be a RIFT version!  A generous donor sent us a $5,000 donation that puts us over the stretch goal line of $65,000!  I personally have experienced the Stauf mansion in virtual reality, and tho I like the fact that I’m probably the ONLY person in the world to have done so, I’m glad to be able to share it with all of the fans.  It’s a great milestone to have crossed, and it will be a great experience for the player.  Can’t wait!


We are still accepting backer donations, and honoring every reward up to the $150 tier from the kickstarter.  For the record, thus far, paypal donations are around $900.  Thanks to everyone for helping us out!


Trilobyte and DarkStone Entertainment are teaming up to develop a web series based on The 7th Guest.  This is unrelated to our game, but it’s still an exciting looking project!  The footage definitely captures the spirit of the original games!  They’re currently running an IndieGogo campaign, and have sent this message to all 13th Doll backers:

FROM 7th Guest: The Series

“A deliciously warm hello from all of us here at 7th Guest: The Series. Since you contributed to the 13th Doll (which we are all excited here to play) we know that you are just as much of a fan of the 7th Guest franchise as we are. So here is what we want to offer you guys. Whatever perk you buy on our Indie Go Go Campaign will automatically get upgraded if you send us a private message with the password [13th Doll]. For example, lets say you buy the 3rd Guest perk, send us a private message with the password [13th Doll], and we will upgrade you to the 4th Guest for no additional charge. We 7th Guesters need to stick together. Here is the link to our Indie Go Go page ( So click on over and come play with ole Stauf a little more!”

Website issues…

Apologies for recent issues with the website.  Chris has been working very hard to fix them.  Hopefully all of the troubles are behind us!


We’ve had several questions recently about different reward tiers.  For early access, we want to wait until we’ve got some voiceover work in the game before we do early access.  Our puzzles are very much playable, but without voiceover hints, taunts, etc, I’m afraid they need a lot of explaining, and just generally lack the atmosphere of the final game.  We’ll hold off on that a bit until we get some of the voiceovers recorded.

Beyond that, we’re pretty much trying to focus on getting the script finished, so that we can get filming in order.  Everything hinges on the script, so that’s our first priority now!  We will get to all of the reward incentives very soon though!  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

On another note, apologies for the lack of updates recently. This rollercoaster we call life hit a very trying point for me personally the last couple months. Fortunately, I’ve gotten back into my groove, so updates will come more frequently. Again, I apologize for delays!

Again, Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope it’s full of frights and scares, and lots and lots of candy!  Enjoy!

Ryan HoltKamp

Kickstarter Wrap Up!

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Hello Everyone,

We’ve been very busy since the Kickstarter and apologize for the lack of updates.  It was a wild 32 days and was a huge success because of YOU.

So here are the overall results of the campaign.  Thanks to our fans, followers, backers, and yes, even due to Mr. Henry Stauf himself Robert Hirschboeck, we achieved the following in the 32 day Kickstarter period:

  • Exceeded our Kickstarter goal by over $20k, reaching 150% of funding!
  • Obtained Steam Greenlit status in just 11 days.
  • Unlocked 3 Stretch goals
    • Open House Mode
    • Classic Navigation Mode
    • Debt-Free Game Production
  • Inspired Robert Hirschboeck, Stauf himself, to reprise his role in our game!

We want to take another moment to thank all of those who backed us and all the fans for your support!  Without all of you, this game, and this campaign never would have happened.  Some of you have been with us since the very beginning, and some of you just discovered The 13th Doll through Kickstarter, but, all of you are appreciated.

There are also more people than we could possibly thank for their individual contributions directly or indirectly to our campaign.  Here is a short list that is in no way complete:

  • Members of both the original and current Trilobyte team, including Graeme Devine, Rob Landeros, The Fat Man, Charlie McHenry, and Matthew Costello who all backed the game and all did advertising via social media on our behalf.
  • Robert Hirschboeck, who is honestly one of the nicest guys in the world and one of the biggest fans and supporters of The 7th Guest franchise.  It wouldn’t be the same without his involvement.
  • The folks at Big Finish Games, the force behind the Tex Murphy series, for posting about us in their private supporter Facebook group and on their game Steam page.
  • Game Boomers for their consistent following of our project over the years.
  • Nerdy But Flirty, an amazing group of people overall and probably some of the most passionate gamers you will ever meet.
  • Game news outlets including Eurogamer, PC Gamer, and countless international and domestic gaming blogs who have covered our project during the Kickstarter campaign.
  • A shout out to Meg Turney who tweeted about us several times and is a HUGE fan of T7G.
  • Our friends, family, and anyone else who were absorbed into or impacted by the insanity of the time during the campaign.
  • Once again, to all of the fans, this game is for you, and YOU made it possible.


There have been some recent issues with the website which are being sorted out.  The majority of that work has been done but, there are still a couple of minor cleanup items.

So What’s Next?

We’ve been doing quite a bit behind the scenes since the campaign ended.  We have planned and created some really cool animations outside of the normal game paths and puzzles, after all, what good is the Stauf Mansion without a few surprises here or there?  No, we aren’t saying any more than that regarding those, after all, we can’t spoil Mr. Stauf’s fun.

We are also working on finishing up the programming for the last several puzzles, doing any necessary 3D cleanup in the Stauf Mansion, and working on the other in-game locations.  Obviously we are also planning out the scheduling and locations for the FMV work and audio recordings.  So, there is a good chunk of work ahead of us.

Lastly, we are evaluating the higher-level stretch goals to see which ones we might be able to achieve.  The team really wants to see the Stauf mansion on Oculus and on some other platforms.  After all, EVERYONE should have access to our game, no matter where they are and what platform they play on.  We will determine if we can reach those goals as we go and you will be the first to know when we decide.

So that is it for now.  We are again truly thankful for all of your support and help, and will continue to keep you updated on our progress.  More will be coming soon!

-The 13th Doll Team


The 13th Doll Kickstarter: History In The Making

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10 years ago a group of dedicated fans, programmers, and 3D artists embarked upon a singular journey.  These fans, dedicated to the legacy of The 7th Guest game franchise, had decided to strike out on their own to give the world a singular gift, a journey back to the enigmatic mansion of famed toymaker Henry Stauf.  That journey became The 13th Doll, a game by the fans and for the fans.

Today is an unprecedented event.  After a decade of working through long nights and weekends, the Attic Door Production team building the game now has a singular and historic opportunity.  It is rare that a fan game with 10 years of development actually comes to fruition.  It is rarer still that a fan game is allowed to exist as a not-for-profit entity without licensing conflicts.  But, the rarest and nearly unheard of arrangement is for the rights holder of the original game to grant permission for a fan game to have a Kickstarter campaign to assist them in completing the game!

The 13th Doll has been granted that license!  We are happy to officially announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.  We are still a game by and for fans of The 7th Guest game franchise, but now, we will have an edge that nearly no other fan game has had the opportunity to have.  By being allowed to have this Kickstarter, we now have the opportunity to dedicate full-time resources and to make this game the visit that fans have always dreamed of!  We have the opportunity to put the game on multiple platforms so that any fan, with any game system will be able to access it.  Most importantly, the Kickstarter presents us with the opportunity to get Robert Hirschboeck, Stauf himself, to return to the mansion in all his delightful and twisted glory!

This is not Attic Door Production’s Kickstarter campaign, but, a campaign for all of the fans of The 7th Guest franchise.  You have called for this throughout the years, and we have answered.  This is your game, and its future is in your hands.

So please. head on over to Kickstarter right now and pledge your support for The 13th Doll.  We have some great incentives out there and we’d love nothing more than fans to feel all the more a part of this endeavor.  It has been the fans who have kept us going throughout all these years and now it is the fans who will finally help to bring this game to its conclusion.

So, our dear, dear guests, we invite you back.  Back to a place of intrigue and horror, back to the halls of blood and terror, back to Stauf’s most humble home in Harley on Hudson.  Oh, the table is set, the hour has struck, and the guests have arrived,  All we need now is you!


Kickstarter In Our Future ?!

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So, we have news! We’ve just signed a deal that would allow us to sell The 13th Doll as a retail game! We’ll be able to sell the game for PC, Mac, etc, and potentially on platforms like Steam, GOG, console, etc.

Additionally, it allows us to cast Robert Hirschboeck as Stauf in the game! (Don’t get TOO excited about that yet tho, as we have yet to contact him and put that part together. It’s still great to have options.)

As always, this game remains a game that is built BY fans and FOR fans, and the licensing deal does not change that. This is by no means an official 7th Guest game, or a sequel of any kind – it’s still a fangame, the way it should be. 😀

So, this deal is contingent on us finding funding to finish the game – we’re seeking to raise enough for us to focus on the game full time, and to raise the bar on some things we’d planned, but scrapped for technical or logistic reasons.

So, in the coming weeks, we’ll be planning crowdfunding – probably a kickstarter. We need everyone to help us spread the word! We have 600 members here, and we hope to add many more to make the KS successful!

For the record, we owe a lot of gratitude to the team at Trilobyte! Without them, this deal would not have been possible. They have been very courteous to The 13th Doll over the years, and never has it been more apparent than now! That said, I know some of the people in this group have been a bit…. cynical towards them. At this time tho, our group can’t be happier, and I ask that you not speak negatively about them. 

This is a time to celebrate! This is a time for hope! This is a time for new possibilities, and a time that allows us to make the game that we want to make, something that’s never been possible until now! The journey here has been long, strange, and difficult, and we’re very grateful that you’re still with us. As always, I sincerely thank you for hanging in with us.


Game Development Update – 6/13/2015

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Hello Everyone,

The 13th Doll project continues to make jumps in progress.  As the official beginning of Summer approaches in the US, things are still heating up with the project.

For this update we are pleased to announce that both Heine’s room and Knox’s room have been completed.  There have also been some changes/fixes to the navigation in the game.

Lastly, we had some complications/issues with the website in the past week.  The issues have been resolved, although some graphical/text color updates still need to be done.  Overall, nothing was lost and everything is up and running.

That’s it for this month.  Rest assured, there is more to come.