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Updates in regard to the 13th Doll website.

Site Development 5/24/14

Hi All,

Yes, it has been a long time since there have been any updates, and I truly apologize and take ownership for that.  I have put an item on my Google Calendar to ensure that I am making updates every month.

There was a problem with a plugin that was being hyper-secure which blocked my access to the site from work.  So whenever issues came up, I couldn’t do anything.  That plugin has been removed.

Many plugins and WordPress itself were out of date.  I have updated all of the plugins and WordPress to ensure there are less security issues.  I have also deleted any/all spam comments.

Sadly, the header image rotation had to be removed.  It was causing problems in the newer version of the site theme and had to go.  I have picked a static header image.

There have also been a few optimization plugins installed.  These plugins will speed up the database and the coding of the site, allowing it to display much more quickly than before.

In terms of content, I added a screenshot to the gallery and have taken away the “sticky” at the top with the general disclaimer and site description as our new header image has that information.

As of right now, I do not have a project update to give everyone.  I am working with Ryan to get information about where things are so that we can get an update out sometime this weekend.

– Chris

Update 4/2012

Hey Everyone,

Things are going pretty well here at The 13th Doll project.  The Kitchen area is pretty well buttoned up.  We have some isolated rooms and renders that need to be completed and several that only need to be added into the game engine itself  In terms of programming, we have 2 or 3 puzzles that are to be finished.

The script is pretty much finished, although, it is not yet “finalized”.  Basically, the script has been through multiple revisions and our project leader just wants to go through and make some final changes to fit his overall concept of the project.  Obviously Mt Stauf has his “influences” as well.

The filming of the live action sequences is still being planned at this point.  Our project leader has been speaking with some potential directors but, no casting has been done and no filming locations or schedule have been set.  Obviously the filming is going to be a very important and technical process so, everyone wants to be sure it is done in the best possible way with the highest possible quality.

Lastly, there have been some minor updates to the website here.  There are now links to the Good Old Games and Dot Emu versions of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour.  There is also a link to the iOS version of The 7th Guest.  I am also debating adding links to The 7th Guest: Infection and The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets, which was recently updated with the solutions and the script for The 11th Hour.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned.  Hopefully there will be more frequent updates in the future as rooms/renders are finalized and the puzzles are polished.  We’re all pretty excited here about seeing the end of the tunnel in the distance.  But, we need to make sure not to trip over anything along the way.


Fans Section

Hey Everyone,

As RHK mentioned, it is the support of you, the fans, that helps to keep us going on this project. The more people we see interested, the more WE want to see the project completed.

Over the years The 13th Doll project has had a lot of supporters. They have been with us through thick and thin, through good times and in bad. Heck, they’ve even helped to hold Stauf off our backs at a cost to their own sanity!

As a thank you to our dedicated supporters and fans, we have put up a “fans” section displaying the artwork, music and videos that forum members and others have submitted to us in order to keep our imaginations inspired and to encourage us to keep moving forward.

Keep in mind, that while these are not officially associated with the project, we like to think of those who have supported us over the years as honorary team members so, they deserve to have their work displayed as much as this project deserves to be completed.

Thank you again for all of your support!

New Website Up and Running

Hello Everyone,

As you can see, the new 13th Doll website is fully up and running!  There are some great new features to this site which will make interacting with The 13th Doll team much more fun and easier too!

We have added some great social networking features to the site.  The buttons at the bottom of posts can be used to share site posts to Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Digg and Reddit.

We have a new Twitter account that can be found at .  This feed will update whenever something new is posted to the site or when one of us feels like posting something.

Users of the new site can also directly posts comments to site posts to add words of encouragement, frustration or, if you are Stauf, fear.

There is also a new progress bar listed under the FAQ menu.  This will give everyone a general idea of where the project is.

We are hoping to add even more features to the site in the future and would love to hear feedback on the new design.  Please feel free to comment on this post, our Facebook Group or on the Forums.  Enjoy…

Update 3/27/11

Finally working on ironing out the final details of the new site design.  The anticipated roll-out got pushed back due to a rough winter and other conflicts.  However, most of the main site pieces are in place.  A few more tweaks and this puppy will be LIVE.