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200 Facebook Fans! + more

Hello All,

First off, we hit over 200 members in our Facebook group a day or two ago! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Those numbers are amazing and are growing a little every day. We had no idea that so many people were out there and willing to support us.

We have also gained 2 new developers so, that is going to help tremendously in terms of moving things forward.

OK, now for the serious part of this post. We’re currently working with Trilobyte to sort out an official License for the game, which is really great news.

One of our goals in creating this game was to prove that there was still life in the T7G franchise, and to convince a developer to make an OFFICIAL T7G3.  As you likely know, Trilobyte Games is back, and currently developing an official T7G3.  That’s great news for all of us fans, and I’d like to think that The 13th Doll project played a role in it.

Anyway, with the return of Trilobyte, comes the need to protect the intellectual property of the 7th Guest franchise.  The legal agreement is still being worked on, so nobody panic about any rumors, until a license is actually agreed upon and signed!

I do want to say that Trilobyte and Rob Landeros have been EXTREMELY gracious to us over the years – from providing advice on modeling techniques, to posting a link to us on his websites to working with us on the license!  If anyone remembers the fiasco that King’s Quest IX went through, you’ll understand – and that is one of the few fangames met with legal issues that had a positive outcome.

So, thanks to Rob Landeros, and everyone at Trilobyte.  Wish them luck with T7G3, and be thankful that they are allowing us to continue with our game!