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The 13th Doll Kickstarter: History In The Making


10 years ago a group of dedicated fans, programmers, and 3D artists embarked upon a singular journey.  These fans, dedicated to the legacy of The 7th Guest game franchise, had decided to strike out on their own to give the world a singular gift, a journey back to the enigmatic mansion of famed toymaker Henry Stauf.  That journey became The 13th Doll, a game by the fans and for the fans.

Today is an unprecedented event.  After a decade of working through long nights and weekends, the Attic Door Production team building the game now has a singular and historic opportunity.  It is rare that a fan game with 10 years of development actually comes to fruition.  It is rarer still that a fan game is allowed to exist as a not-for-profit entity without licensing conflicts.  But, the rarest and nearly unheard of arrangement is for the rights holder of the original game to grant permission for a fan game to have a Kickstarter campaign to assist them in completing the game!

The 13th Doll has been granted that license!  We are happy to officially announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.  We are still a game by and for fans of The 7th Guest game franchise, but now, we will have an edge that nearly no other fan game has had the opportunity to have.  By being allowed to have this Kickstarter, we now have the opportunity to dedicate full-time resources and to make this game the visit that fans have always dreamed of!  We have the opportunity to put the game on multiple platforms so that any fan, with any game system will be able to access it.  Most importantly, the Kickstarter presents us with the opportunity to get Robert Hirschboeck, Stauf himself, to return to the mansion in all his delightful and twisted glory!

This is not Attic Door Production’s Kickstarter campaign, but, a campaign for all of the fans of The 7th Guest franchise.  You have called for this throughout the years, and we have answered.  This is your game, and its future is in your hands.

So please. head on over to Kickstarter right now and pledge your support for The 13th Doll.  We have some great incentives out there and we’d love nothing more than fans to feel all the more a part of this endeavor.  It has been the fans who have kept us going throughout all these years and now it is the fans who will finally help to bring this game to its conclusion.

So, our dear, dear guests, we invite you back.  Back to a place of intrigue and horror, back to the halls of blood and terror, back to Stauf’s most humble home in Harley on Hudson.  Oh, the table is set, the hour has struck, and the guests have arrived,  All we need now is you!


Official Teaser Trailer

Hey  Everyone,

We are very excited to present you with the official teaser trailer for The 13th Doll!  This really highlights the work that has been made on the project in the past year and we are extremely proud of it!  Please feel free to share this video wherever you can!


Checking In

Hello My Dear Friends,

It’s been quite some time since I have paid everyone here a little visit.  Granted, I have been over at my old haunt at Trilobyte assisting them in trying to raise funds to do some redecorating of their own.  However,  it is Friday the 13th an I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by and turn some heads.

I see that the team here has made some great strides forward since my last evaluation.  Although, I can’t but think that they aren’t getting into the SPIRIT of things lately.  Perhaps I should have left them something other than rat tartare to eat, and I was so certain that my scream cheese sandwiches were to DIE for.

That being said, I have been doing some soul searching, having lost mine long ago.  Perhaps you can help me, after all, you know I will give you what you deserve in return.  Pay the team a visit on Facebook and try to show them a spark of inspiration.  I can provide the electricity if needed.

My servants, I mean, friends at Attic Door Productions have been working on my house for a decade!  I didn’t know I had let it decay that much.  They could use an extra pair of hands or two, preferably with arms still attached, and some fresh blood in the house would do it some good.  So, if you or anyone you know has some skill in programming or 3D artistry, please drop the team a line.  After all, the more the merrier I say.  As I mentioned before, I will be sure to give them their just reward in the end.

Oh, look at the time!  It seems I have worn out my welcome a bit.  Well, time does fly, or perhaps, it stands still.  After all, it does feel like an eternity since I’ve had new guests come and visit.  We used to have such grand times, you know.  The panic, the screaming, the blood dripping from the walls.  Oh, I am salivating just thinking about it.

Well, I hope you shall all accept my invitation when the house is ready.

Until that day I remain your humble servant and host:

-Henry Stauf

Screenshot Incentive

As the 13th Doll gets into the later stages of development, we are looking to attract more potential victims to become trapped in our web of delectable evil delight! After all, Master Stauf needs some playthings to have fun with, he demands it be so. What he demands, we must provide, or fall prey to his desires ourselves.

As an incentive, Mr. Stauf has authorized us to release a screen shot of a room which is of significant importance and delight in his home, a room we do not currently have images of on the website. However, as with all things, Mr. Stauf has placed a condition on the release of said image. After all, he does not allow access to his secrets lightly.

Our task is this, to obtain a total of 1000 Facebook group members. 1000 total souls for Mr. Stauf to have as potential playthings.

So, our friends and minions, what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to see more?

We’ll be waiting…